1 - Important Warning – Please Read

The installation of any aftermarket part, like ours,  may void or otherwise adversely affect your factory warranty. In addition, such installation and use may violate certain federal, state and local laws, rules and ordinances as well as other laws when used on motor vehicles operated on public highways, especially in states where pollution laws may apply. Always check federal, state, and local laws before modifying your scooter. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for his or her use, and the user shall assume all legal, personal injury risk, and liability and all other obligations, duties and risks associated therewith.

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2 - Product Availability and Limitations

For most companies having products in stock and ready to sell are the foundations of their business. We aren't quite like that. In order for us to give you the best product at the best price we have found that having products in stock and ready to ship is a limitation for us. The reason is we can have a stack of blank wheels ready to be cut in whatever design you want or we could precut them and make you decide between what's in stock. We hate the latter. Therefore we only keep our blank wheels in stock and as you purchase them we make them. That way you get the design you want and not your third choice. That also means if you want tweaks done to a design or you would like your logo engraved then we can do that. Just shoot us an email for any custom work and we can take care of you.

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3 - Shipping & Delivery

All products are custom made and take time to produce once ordered. Wheels take 3-4 weeks to ship, however, we will send as soon as they are done. This can be as soon as a couple days and up to a month. Please be patient and contact us if you need a status on your order and we will happily give you our best guess on when it should be ready. Most small parts ship within a day or two but can take up to 2 weeks depending on stock.

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4 - Returns

There is a 4% transaction fee on ALL RETURNS no matter what. If you are due a full refund you will get the money you paid minus the 4% transaction fee. If you are due a partial refund due to a restocking fee then you will get the money you paid minus the restocking fee AND minus the 4% restocking fee. There is no exceptions to this. Thank you.  If your order hasn't shipped and you would like to cancel and get a refund then please contact us as soon as possible. We understand that plans change and sometimes you just can't wait any longer so just shoot us an email and we will refund you back. Once your item has shipped then you may still request a refund as long the parts have not been used or mounted in any way and are in brand new condition. Return shipping will be the customer's responsibility and there will be a mandatory 20% restocking fee. Custom orders are nonrefundable.    

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5 - Wheel Disclaimer

Our wheels are made from Douglas .190 Roll Forged Spun Aluminum Rims, Made in the USA. The Roll Forged manufacturing process has two natural defects in every wheel made that you should be aware of before buying. The process to make these wheels, as seen in the video below, can leave small nicks and flaws in the wheel. This is a normal manufacturing defect in the wheels and unpreventable. The other common flaw in the manufacturing of spun aluminum wheels is how the bolt holes are cut. They can be a hair off left or right because they are punched and not actually drilled. This can be highlighted when you purchase a wheel where the design cuts in close to the bolt hole, like the CCW2. These will be unnoticeable when the wheel is mounted but you should be aware that this could happen. We could change all the designs to not come close to the holes so you would never notice but we feel the design is better how it is. If you are worried about this please contact us and we can redesign them for you to not be close. Again, once you mount them you will not notice the .005 difference. With that said, don't get me wrong these are the very best wheels you can buy but no wheels are flawless coming out of the factory.  Refunds will not be given because of these flaws.   Here is a video on how these wheels are made.

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