1. Where can I buy Machined Machines parts? Do you have a dealer network?
    1. We currently only sell our parts directly to the customer through our website. Due to rising costs in manufacturing we have decided to discontinue our dealer program in 2021. It was either raise the cost of all of our parts or just cut out the dealers, we choose to keep our prices the same and just end the dealer network. Some shops may still carry our small parts but all wheel orders will go directly through us. Thanks for understanding.
  2. Do you provide tracking?
    1. Yes. Tracking information is provided with every shipment and every order over $150 is sent Signature Required. Tracking information is provided automatically when your order ships via email.
  3. Where can I find my tracking information?
    1. You can find your tracking information in one of three ways. First by searching your email for machinedmachines.com or paypal.com. Tracking information will come from one of us depending on how you ordered. Second is by looking in your account here under the order. The third way is to look in your PayPal account, go to activity, find the order you paid and it will tell you the tracking there. If you can’t find it in any of these places then we’re sorry but it hasn’t shipped.
  4. How long does it take to ship?
    1. All wheels are made to order which means we stock blank material and we cut every wheel and make every center once you order. We’d love to have stock of all the designs we have ready to ship but the supply of blanks is so limited and we have so many different designs and bolt patterns that its just impossible to do. Usually allow 2 weeks for one piece wheels and 3-6 weeks for two piece wheels but the actually delivery depends on what we are working on at the time. For example, we make all the one piece wheels that are ordered to date and then we switch and make all the two piece centers and then we switch back to one piece. So say you order a one piece wheel set while we are making one piece then you’ll have it shipped in a couple days but if you buy and we just switched to making two piece wheels earlier that morning then you won’t have your wheels until after the two piece are made and we are back to one piece. Or say you buy a two piece and we are still making two piece then we make your center before switching to one piece but if you order a two piece after we switched to one piece then you’ll have to wait until we get back to two piece centers and then back to one piece. You can see its very confusing and this is why its impossible to give out a correct timeframe because not only do all the designs take different amounts of time but the order everything is done is constantly evolving in order for us to give everyone the most beautiful wonderful custom cnc parts at the very lowest prices. This process will sometimes frustrate customers and sometimes they will take that frustration out on us which usually results in a refund so please be patient with your order.
  5. What happens when a wheel is backordered?
    1. When a wheel is backordered that means that we are waiting for more blank wheels to come in from DWT. This can take weeks or can take months. There is no set time and the dates given to us often change so there is no way for us to properly predict when the wheels will be in. They basically just ship us whatever gets back from polish as soon as it gets in. We will update the current timeframes given below as we get them and as always we will ship as soon as possible in the order received and tracking will be sent when they are shipped.
  6. Can I run your front wheel on my drum front brake?
    1. NO. You can not run an aftermarket front wheel on stock drum front brakes. You will need a front brake kit and front hub. We have a kit that includes both – https://machinedmachines.com/product/complete-ruckus-front-brake-and-hub-kit
  7. What tire sizes are best?
    1. RUCKUS – 110/70 12 AND 140/70 12
    2. GROM – 120/70 12 AND 140/70 12
    3. I like the Michelin Power Pure
  8. What size lugs nuts are used?
    1. All Grom Wheels use M10
    2. All Ruckus GET Engine use M12
    3. Ruckus GY6 uses M10 for One Piece wheels and M12 for Two Piece wheels. Due to the different rear hubs made GY6 one piece wheels come standard with M10 holes, If you would like to have M12 bolt holes on your one piece wheel you must email and request it. If you purchase a Universal GY6 Hub when you purchase your wheels you will automatically be upgraded to M12.
  9. Do you offer powdercoat or anodize?
    1. Powdercoating coming soon
    2. Anodize – We can anodize any wheel set for $150 or wheels and hubs for $200. Colors include – black, red, blue, gunmetal grey, gold, green, purple/pink. If you would like to add anodizing then just email sales@machinedmachines.com and we will send you an invoice.
  10. How do I install my front wheel? How do I figure out what size spacers I need?
    1. Every bike setup is slightly different so you have to make your own spacers for the front wheel.
    2. First, center your front wheel using M12 spacers. Do not over tighten the axle nuts. The wheel should still spin freely once you tighten everything down. If it doesnt spin then you have a problem. Either add or take off a washer on the non brake side until you can tighten the nut and have the wheel spin. Don’t forget not to over tighten the axle nut.
    3. Once your wheel is centered, center the brake over the rotor using M8 washers. Center the brake the best you can from the top view. Spin the wheel and make sure your rotor isnt dragging on one side or the other. You will hear it rub the brake pads a little but just make sure looking from the top when you spin the wheel that it looks centered in the gap of the brake.
    4. Now that everything is centered, measure the washers to figure out what size spacers to buy
    5. DO NOT USE RIDE WITH THE WASHERS. The washers will mess up your bearings if you ride on them. You need spacers.
    6. Best way to measure the washers is with a cheap caliper from Harbor Freight, https://www.harborfreight.com/6-in-composite-digital-caliper-63586.html