Our timeframe for wheels is between 2-6 weeks. This is the only timeframe you will receive from us so please do not email or text looking for something personalized to you. It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to predict exactly when you order will be ready because the hundreds of different designs we have are all custom made to order but we will ship as soon as possible. Sometimes that’s just with in a week or two but we can never tell.

Status Update:

After purchasing, you will only receive a status update when your wheels are ready to ship. When your order is ready you will receive an email asking for your shirt size and which shirt you prefer. If I don’t hear from you right away after sending the email about the shirt then I keep trying to contact you until I get in touch. If you have not received this email then your wheels are not ready.


We apologize for the changes and appreciate your support. We believe these changes will help speed up production.