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Match your stock Honda Met front wheel with a new fatty rear wheel.

Stock wheel Style rear fatty wheel for Honda Ruckus Stock GET engine or Honda Metropolitan GET engine with a Ruckus swingarm. These wheels are made from roll forged Douglas DWT .190 thick, 6061 heat treated aircraft grade aluminum.

Includes: One Rear Fatty Wheel

Rear Wheel, 12×8 4/136 3+5

In order for you to use this wheel on your Honda Ruckus or Metro you must have the following:

8″ Fatty Engine Mount (If you need a fatty mount we can make you a custom mount for $350 extra, email for details)
Modified Kymco Hub for 4/136 ($155 extra, If you already have a Kymco hub you can send it to us to be modified for $105 shipped)

*Honda Metro will need a Ruckus swing arm. This is longer and allows for the 12″ wheel.

If you have any questions about installation or what else you would need to use the wheels do not hesitate to email.

We custom make each Honda Ruckus part in our shop to order. If you have any questions about our Ruckus wheels or having a custom wheel made please feel free to contact us for more information. Please be aware that wheels could take up to one week to ship once ordered depending on stock. For off-road use only.

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in
Front Wheel Size

10×4 4/90, 12×4 4/90, No front wheel

Rear Wheel Size

12×5 for RUCKUS – GET ONLY (4/136), 12×8 for RUCKUS – GET 4/136, 12×6 for GROM and GROM SF, 12×7 for ZUMA 125 (4/110), 12×7 for RUCKUS or MAD DOG – GY6 Drum Brake Only (4/110), 12×8 for RUCKUS or MAD DOG – GY6 (4/110) DRUM BRAKE ONLY, 12×8 for RUCKUS or MAD DOG – GY6 (4/110) DISK BRAKE ONLY, 12×8 5+3 for PCX Mounts, 12×8 4+4 4/110 for ZOOMER X

Rear Wheel Lug Size