Honda Monkey 125 Two Piece Wheel Kit

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Machined Machines is now offering complete Honda Monkey 125 wheel sets. Choose from any of our two piece wheel styles.

Wheel set comes with:

12×4 front wheel

12×5 rear wheel

front hub

rear hub

Just add your favorite tires and you have everything you need to rock our custom wheels.

Anodizing is available. The cost is $100 for the centers of $150 for the centers and the barrels.

As always, email if you have any questions.

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 21 in
Wheel Design

20 Spoke, 406 One Piece Wheel Set, 5 Star, 8 Hole, 8 Shot, 8 Split Spoke, 8 Split Spoke with Bolts, 9 Spoke, AMT Four Spoke, Aperture, Aztek 5, Boxed 5 Star, Boyds, CCE, CCW1, CCW2, CCW2 With Bolts V2, CCW2 With Perimeter Holes, CCW3, CCW3 Change Up, Cloverfield, Concave 5, Concave 6, Danne 5, Design not listed, Devil’s Trap, Durban, Durban With Bolts, Fat Five Spoke, Flat Directional, FOCH, Four Spoke, Full 8 Spoke, Grom Stock Style, Hearts, Honeycomb, Hoshino, Implulse 4, Inverted 6 Spoke, Madness, Met Style, Millennium Star, MMR Mesh, NCY DIO Style, New Super Mesh, Not Listed/Custom, Philly Sun, Reactor, Skeleton 5, Solid Dish, Stock Ruckus Style, Straight Mesh, Super 8, Super Fin, Super Mesh, Super Shark, Super Star, Turbo 8 Spoke, Turbo Mesh, Twisted 16, Twisted 30, Vantage

Front Wheel Size

12×4 4/90

Rear Wheel Size

12×5 for Honda Monkey 125