Ruckus Front Hub 4/90 – GY6 or GET


Does not include spacers. You will need to make them custom depending on your particular setup.

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Complete Honda Ruckus front wheel hub. This hub is one piece hub and doesn’t require an extra spacer like cheap monkey hub and compatible with most commonly used rotors like RRGS and NCY in the 3 bolt pattern. Recommended rotor size of 220mm. Smaller rotors will also fit but modifications might need to be made if its a two piece rotor. Some smaller rotors have rivets that will be in the way and recesses will need to be made so the rotor lays flat.


This hub is set in a 4/90 bolt pattern. This is the most common bolt pattern for aftermarket wheels


*Does not include spacers for the front wheel or the master cylinder. This is something you make once you have everything together.

  1. How do I install my front wheel? How do I figure out what size spacers I need?
    1. Every bike setup is slightly different so you have to make your own spacers for the front wheel.
    2. First, center your front wheel using M12 spacers. Do not over tighten the axle nuts. The wheel should still spin freely once you tighten everything down. If it doesnt spin then you have a problem. Either add or take off a washer on the non brake side until you can tighten the nut and have the wheel spin. Don’t forget not to over tighten the axle nut.
    3. Once your wheel is centered, center the brake over the rotor using M8 washers. Center the brake the best you can from the top view. Spin the wheel and make sure your rotor isnt dragging on one side or the other. You will hear it rub the brake pads a little but just make sure looking from the top when you spin the wheel that it looks centered in the gap of the brake.
    4. Now that everything is centered, measure the washers to figure out what size spacers to buy
    5. DO NOT USE RIDE WITH THE WASHERS. The washers will mess up your bearings if you ride on them. You need spacers.
    6. Best way to measure the washers is with a cheap caliper from Harbor Freight,


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in