Custom Design Two Piece Wheel Set


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If you want a design madefor your Honda Ruckus that we don’t currently offer then we can custom design and cut you a Douglas DWT  wheel set in the design that you would like. Custom designed Ruckus wheels start at $600 a set for one piece and $800 for two piece and goes up from there depending on the complexity of the design but for the most part $600/$800 covers it. If it does end up costing more you will be contacted and we can decide if you want to to pursue it or get a refund.

Once the design process starts you will have approval over the design before it is cut. We will make sure you are getting what you want (or as close to what you want as possible).  Once the design is approved we will cut the wheel and ship it out to you.

Custom Designed Honda Ruckus Wheels can take up to 3 weeks to ship but we will try and ship in our normal time frame if possible.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 21 in
Front Wheel Size

10×4 4/90, 12×4 4/90

Rear Wheel Size

12×5 for RUCKUS – GET ONLY (4/136), 12×6 for GROM and GROM SF (4/110), 12×6 for ZUMA BWS100 (4/110), 12×7 for ZUMA 125 (4/110), 12×7 for GROM and GROM SF (4/110), 12×7 for RUCKUS – GY6 Drum Brake Only (4/110), 12×8 for RUCKUS – GY6 (4/110) DRUM BRAKE ONLY, 12×8 for RUCKUS – GY6 (4/110) DISK BRAKE ONLY, 12×8 for RUCKUS – GET 4/136, 12×8 4+4 4/110 for ZOOMER X, 12×8 for MAD DOG / CHUCKUS (4/110)